What Are Alcoholic Drinks?

Alcoholic drinks or beverages are essentially drinks that contain increased amounts of psychoactive drug ethanol or more commonly known to us as simply alcohol.  Alcoholic drinks are essentially the most widely used recreational drugs in the world.  This type of drink actually plays an important role in our social cultures.  However, due to the potentiality of these drinks being abused, most countries have certain laws in the regulation of production, sale, and consumption.  In 2014, sales of alcoholic drinks had exceeded one trillion dollars.

alcoholic-drink-recipeThe consumption of alcoholic drinks has been around since basically the start of civilization.  There is fairly large evidence that the preparation of alcohol has been done as far back as 8,000 B.C.  There are three main distinctions of alcohol – beers, wine, and spirits.  Beers are essentially fermented grain mash.  Wines on the other hand come from fermented grapes and take a much longer time to ferment than beer.  Spirits are essentially distilled beverages that come from fermented grain, fruit, or vegetables.  Their alcoholic content is normally higher than that of beer and wines.  Common spirits include whiskey, vodka, tequila, rum, gin, and brandy.

Of course, aside from just the three types of alcoholic beverages, another type of alcoholic beverage arises from the mixture of two or more ingredients.  Mixed drinks or cocktails are created by mixing different types of alcoholic beverages, additives, modifiers, mixers, fruits, and garnish.  The number of cocktails that are now standard number in the thousands and they are responsible for creating the variety that is missing in alcoholic drinks.  Of course, there are those who particularly prefer purely the alcoholic drinks they know, and then there are those who only like drinking mixed drinks.  The truth is that one should never be a fan boy and simply appreciate the different drinks that are made available to them.

It is understandable that a person who loves drinking alcohol will prefer the drinks they are accustomed with.  If that person loves whiskey, is it possible not for him to love whiskey-based cocktails like the Manhattan?  On the other hand, if that person loves whiskey-based drinks, is it not possible for them to enjoy drinking bourbon whiskeys as well.  Personally, being a fan boy of only a particular drink limits your potential of enjoying other types of drinks.  It is important to be open as there are numerous types of alcoholic drinks that can be enjoyed.

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