What Are Alcoholic Drinks?

Alcoholic drinks or beverages are essentially drinks that contain increased amounts of psychoactive drug ethanol or more commonly known to us as simply alcohol.  Alcoholic drinks are essentially the most widely used recreational drugs in the world.  This type of drink actually plays an important role in our social cultures. Read More

What Are Mixed Drinks?

Mixed drinks are essentially beverages that contain two or more ingredients in their mix.  The mix can be liquor or non-alcoholic drinks.  Normally, when you say mixed drinks, you are referring to alcoholic drinks.  Mixed drinks include beer, cocktails, fortified wines, flaming beverages, mixed drink shooters, wine cocktails, and drinkRead More

Five Popular Cocktail Drinks

When it comes to cocktail drinks, there are literally thousands of cocktail drinks you can find all over the world.  However, through these thousands of cocktail drinks, there are some that are more popular than others.  These popular drinks have literally conquered the world in terms of their popularity onRead More