What Are Mixed Drinks?

Mixed drinks are essentially beverages that contain two or more ingredients in their mix.  The mix can be liquor or non-alcoholic drinks.  Normally, when you say mixed drinks, you are referring to alcoholic drinks.  Mixed drinks include beer, cocktails, fortified wines, flaming beverages, mixed drink shooters, wine cocktails, and drink shots.  Of course, there are also non-alcoholic mixed drinks such as non-alcoholic cocktails and punches.

When it comes to mixed drinks, there are important equipment, ingredient, and supplies when making them.  Aside from just drink mixers, drinkware, garnishes, and bartending equipment are needed in creating mixed drinks that are well-established and widely known throughout.

Mixed drinks, on the most part, as mentioned earlier, are an alcoholic beverage that involves the mixing of two or more ingredients.  The normal combination on mixed drinks is the use of distilled spirits with mixers, juices, sweeteners, and water.  The concoction can be served with fruits, garnish, rimming, or ice.  Alcoholic cocktails are types of mixed drinks.

All over the world, you will find that there are quite a number of mixed drinks that are available.  There are some that may be popular on one side of the hemisphere but literally unknown on the other.  There are also mixed drinks that are only popular during particular seasons.  The thing is that not all mixed drinks are created equal.  There are some mixed drinks that are very refreshing and are ideal when trying to relax, there are some that attempt to mask the potency of the alcohol by being sweet, colorful, and fruity, and then there are also mixed drinks that are straightforward strong.

Mixed drinks are without doubt works of art as those that gain popularity are forever immortalized in the world of mixed drinks.  In fact, their inventor as well as the place they originated is also immortalized with the mixed drink themselves.  However, when it comes to mixed drinks, you should never be fooled as these alcoholic beverages are always deceptive as their cutesy elegant appearance may actually hide their true alcoholic nature.  Too much of these will leave you intoxicated.

If you are new to alcohol, it be best if you requested from the bartender something that is not strong – one that is ideal for beginners and that a hint of alcohol will do.  However, for more experienced drinkers, the limit is usually up to them as some mixed drinks can score very high with their alcoholic content.

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